Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Fine Lines (part one)

The fine lines drive me crazy. The fine lines are what makes us love rules and recipes that we can follow that are fool proof. The fine lines forces us have to trust ourselves and that we are capable of making the right choices. But the fine lines therefore make me not trust myself and second guess everything and every choice that I make. The fine lines are tricky, and are different for everyone. Being close to that line is a dangerous and scary place to be. I often find myself at this line wondering: how close am I? I what direction should I run? Or should I run? Maybe I just need to take one step back, or forward.

I don't like the term "gray area" which may be what some people may want to label this place. I don't like gray because it implies that the white (good) and black (bad) are overlapping. I believe in good and bad, and in absolutes. I believe in truth. Truth is the most important weapon against bondage, Truth is what sets us free! And since freedom is what I am seeking, then truth is where I will find it. A gray area won't do. But a fine line does exist and I think that there is where the battle is taking place, right on the border of the "fine line".

Here are the lines that I face myself up against.

Where is the line between healthy ambition and dissatisfaction?
Where is the line between having pride in what you have accomplished and BEING proud?
Where is the line between feeling beautiful and being vain?
Where is the line between "saved by grace" and "working out your salvation with fear and trembling"?

Where is the line between being disciplined and being obsessed?

This is what I've been thinking...

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